Toyota Hilux Revo GD6 2015 Onwards Throttle Controller

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How is the Power+ different other Throttle Controllers on the market? 

Power+ is one of the latest Throttle Controllers to hit the market which means that we’ve been able to test those models that have been around for years and improve on those, in addition use the latest technologies in software and components. The processor on the Power+ is double the processing power than most of our rivals. The processor power coupled with our state-of-the-art software engineering and 36 driver settings make Auto Mode on the Power+ extremely comfortable, more responsive and incredibly useful in accessing power when you need it or engaging a more delayed response when required in order to reduce fuel consumption. In addition, the Power+ has 4 pre-defined driving modes, auto light dimming and a clever overtake function which lets you press a button to spring into the most responsive setting when you need the extra grunt.


How difficult is Power+ to install?
On most vehicles the Power+ can be installed in less than 5 minutes without any tools or special skills. All kits include printed instructions to help get the job done. On some rare occasions, we have had some customers experience difficulty with having the plug click in which has been caused by glue that needed to be removed on the vehicle plug.


Is the Power + compatible with petrol engines? 
The Power+ is perfect to be used on both naturally aspirated and forced induction diesel and petrol engines.


How does the Power + operate?
The Power+ Throttle Response Controller works on most fly by wire pedal assemblies by modifying the voltage signal level from the pedal to your vehicles Engine Control Unit (ECU).  In more ways than other controllers on the market do, the Power+ will allow you to finely tune the response from your accelerator pedal to greatly reduce throttle lag (or increase which is perfect when off-road or trying to reduce fuel consumption).