nGauge 4x4 Sensors

nGauge 4x4 is a one of a kind solution that centralises the control and display of vehicle accessory and engine information by replacing standard switches, gauges and screens with a single user interface - YOUR PHONE! 

There is no limit to the amount of sensors you can link to our nGauge 4x4 application and we are continuously working to expand our range to enhance your driving experience.

  • Want the information displayed on more than one device? Not a problem! You can have multiple phones/tablets/compatible car radio units linked to your sensors and the information will be displayed on all units simultaneously.
  • Want to know when your car battery is running low, when you have a rapid deflating tyre, or when your beer is cold? You can set out of range alarms for all of our sensors giving you piece of mind on the road.
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